The inside of our boarding area is an open floor plan so each guest will have entertainment with TV and music throughout the kennel.  Music has been known to relax and reduce stress while away from home.

We offer a Clean, Safe Environment.  The boarding area is spacious and comfortable with full heating and air conditioning with UV Air purification throughout the kennel area.  Equipped with smoke, fire and carbon monoxide detection.

We can house dogs from the same household together if requested.

Please bring along your dogs favorite blanket, bed and/or toys.  This will help your pet have something to relate to as "being at home and secure".

We have approximately a 4,500 square foot by 6 foot high perimeter fenced area, for exercise and outdoor fun.  Our guests are let out several times per day in these areas.

Any Guests requiring oral, topical medications and/or Insulin for those who are diabetic, we will administer at NO CHARGE!  

Water and food intake as well as bathroom visits are monitored and recorded daily to be sure our guests are enjoying their Stay at Happy Tails Dog Resort.  Proper supervision is the key to good boarding and happy tails.

We recommend that you bring your dogs own food.  Sudden changes in a diet can bring on stomach upset and or irregularity.  If your dog requires mixed food, just bring enough for their stay.  We at Happy Tails Dog Resort will be happy to help keep your dog on their regular diet.  Please put in individual bags per feeding, or in a container.  

Please bring enough food and medication for your dogs stay, if we need to get more, there will be a $15.00 Fee along with the cost of the food or special diet and/or Medications added to your boarding bill. 

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